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Oh Hai, Is This Myspace Circa 2008?

Greetings fabulous readers,

I know I have been absent for many moons due to my most recent venture into parenthood, but I can assure you I will be back soon enough. I haven’t checked this page in a while due to my busy schedule of late-night feedings and poopy diapers, so you can imagine my surprise when I stopped by this morning to find my shiny new layout had somehow reverted back to my original 2008 layout when my blog looked more like a giant MySpace page. I’m not quite sure what happened, but a lot of my newer content is missing as well.

I have my worker bees on the case now, so things will be back to normal soon enough. In the meantime, please enjoy this adorable picture of baby Sarah trying to figure out how to get out of her carseat.

Boy, this girl gets more like me every day. Lord help us, ha!

Kitestring – The Best Safety App Ever!

I read about Kitestring on the other day and thought it was so fantastic I just had to tell you guys about it. It’s not beauty related and definitely not the type of thing I normally write about, but the world is a crazy place and I want you, my lovely readers, to stay safe.

By the way, you should know this is NOT a sponsored post. I just think this information could possibly save someone from an attacker and want as many of you to know about it as possible.

The basics:
Kitestring is quick way to let someone know if you never made it home safely. Just let the app know when you are going on a “trip,” and when you will be back. A “trip” can be anything from a date, a night out with friends, or even when you walk to your car alone at night. If you fail to check-in when you said you would, the app sends a text message to your emergency contacts letting them know you may be in trouble.

How to use it:

First, download the app (it’s free), then sign-up and enter your emergency contacts- these are the people who will get a text message should you not make it home. Once that’s done, you can write an emergency message that will go out to your contacts so they know they should check-up on you. Mine says: “It’s Jackie, if you’re getting this message it’s cuz something may have happened to me. Call to see if I’m OK – if you don’t hear back, grab your shank and get ready to f*ck someone up!” Yes, it’s a little dramatic, but I’m guessing that doesn’t surprise you.

Once you have the basics all filled out, use the app whenever you need to by starting a “trip” and setting a check-in time. You can set the duration of the trip to anywhere from 30 minutes to 12 hours, depending on how long you plan on being gone (you can also check-in early, or extend your ETA). If you check-in on time, nothing happens. If you don’t, the messages go out via SMS and hopefully help is on the way.

What sets this particular app apart from the rest is they literally thought of everything, including letting you set-up a check-in code to prevent tech-savvy attackers from checking-in for you. I choose really random words that are hard to guess, and even harder to spell. That way if the attacker is a friggin’ idiot they will have an even harder time trying to figure it out.

I also really love that you can do everything via SMS without having to log-in to the app. In a dangerous situation, this can be a real time (and LIFE) saver thanks to the “Duress” code, which lets you set an emergency code and text it directly to Kitestring (be sure to save their number to your contacts) and have your emergency message sent out immediately rather than waiting for your check-in time to pass.

It’s a super easy, free way to add another layer of security to your daily life so I urge you all to get the app and use it.

Until next time, love, mace, and sparkle shanks!



This Just In – Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner (with swatches!)

I’ve been obsessed with the Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliners for years, so when they popped up on Hautelook for $5 each I was aaaaall over it. I know I’ve been bombarding you guys with posts about my Hautelook purchases lately, but this is serious business, people. For this… is glitter.

I’ve amassed quite a collection over the years but never picked up some of the soon-to-be discontinued colors, so I took advantage of my last chance to grab Metalhead (purple), and Baked (a bronzy gold).

Pictured: Baked (top swatch), Metalhead (bottom swatch)

I’m especially excited to use Baked, since the bronzy color will be perfect for my fall looks. Yeah, yeah – I know it’s not even summertime yet, but you all know how much I love fall.

I love the colors so much I’m really kicking myself for not getting the rest of them when I had the chance. I checked out the Urban Decay website on the off chance they were offering them in the sale section, and while the other colors are gone, they do have Baked and Metalhead for $4 each! That’s great news for you guys, as you don’t have to wait for another Hautelook sale to get your hands on them.

And I promise, this will be my last Hautelook post for a while. Ok, for the week. Unless something else comes in tomorrow…

This Just In: Odette Peep-toe Wedges

Oh look, another Hautelook post – how shocking!

Yes, I’ve been on a bit of a Hautelook rampage lately. I tend to do this from time to time, especially come spring when there are so many cute shoes to be bought. A lover of high heels, I’ve been favoring wedges lately as they offer the height I need while being much easier on the feet than stilettos. Naturally, the second I laid eyes on these adorable laser-cut wedges I couldn’t wait to get my hands on them.

Other than the amazing price ($27), I really love the laser-cut design, as well as the pattern on the wedge itself. Unlike the plain cork material I usually see on summer-y wedges, these have texture and a really nice design that make the entire shoe nice to look at. The heel height is perfect as well, at 4.5 inches they’re just high enough to help me fool the world into thinking I’m tall, but comfortable enough that I can wear them to work.

Since getting these in the mail, I’ve been scouring the internet to see if I can find them in another color with no luck. I would love to find them in white, so if anyone has seen them, let your girl know!

This Just In: LORAC Rockin’ Red 3D Liquid Lustre Set

I just got this set of four absolutely TO DIE FOR 3D Liquid Lustres in from Hautelook today, and I’m already completely obsessed with them. I’ve been a fan of this product ever since LORAC introduced the original gold hue a few years ago and have been searching for other colors since, so when I saw this set I jumped at the chance to get it.

The set retails for $28 and I got it for $16, which is a freaking steal considering that’s what I normally pay for just one of them. Not to mention these gem-tone colors are absolutely stunning. The best part is these are not just for the eyes – you can pretty much use them for anything. I’ve used mine as a highlight for my cheeks and cupid’s bow, over lipstick, and even as a body shimmer. It’s perfect for pretty much anything because the way this unique formula dries makes it water and sweat proof, while the unique dropper application makes it really easy to place.

These little glass bottles are amazingly shatterproof, too. I’ve dropped mine more times than I can count without so much as a crack.

The colors, pictured from left to right are: Diamond (a shimmering white that looks purple here for some reason, but trust me, it’s white!), Platinum (dark silver), Amethyst (a gorgeous deep purple), and Topaz (a rich coppery color).

I’ve been playing with these since they arrived, and I can already tell you this is an outstanding product that is absolutely worth your money. I’m not sure if the sets will ever be on sale again, but Hautelook does offer LORAC products pretty frequently, so be sure to keep checking. In the meantime, Ulta offers these in the colors Gold and Diamond at $16 each.